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Product Updates


Revamped Spotlight Share panel for projects and folders and distribution lists

July 31, 2020

New Features  Improvements

Spotlight Share panel:

  • By clicking on the project or folder breadcrumbs and selecting “Share,” you can now see an improved Spotlight Share panel, which includes the following features:
    • A new and simplified panel with an expanded view option under Customize, which contains additional sections, such as Settings, Audience, Appearance, and Content.
    • Private sharing: The new “Workspace users” permission in the Audience section will allow you to restrict shares to only specified users within your workspace.
    • Distribution lists: With the “Workspace user” permission selected, you can now also create, edit, and delete lists of named users that you share with on a regular basis.

General Improvements:

  • Project Manager user types can now be added to a workspace without being assigned to projects.
  • UX/UI improvements applied to context menus for smoother navigation.